Beyond Consulting: A Partner in Agrifood Value Chain Transformation

We are highly focused, agrifood advisory services team that has successfully delivered the projects dealing with SME & Private Sector Development;  Food & Agribusiness Industry; Food Value Chain Analysis and Development and Competitiveness; Quality Assurance; Supply Chain Transformation; Factory and  Laboratory Startups; Food Safety and Security; Research and Development (R&D); Innovation Management; New Food Product Design and Development; Monitoring and Evaluation; Capacity Building & Skills Training; Strategic Market Research; Change Management; New Business Startup and Enterprise Development; Biodiversity; Nutrition and Livelihoods; Agrifood Contaminants and Residue Analysis; Strategy Analysis and Policy Design; Rural Industrialization; Enterprise Development; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations; Pharma Value Chain Development; GMP; GLP; GHP; Good Agricultural Practices; Export Management; Government Relations; EU & TRCEEMENA Experience; 34 years experience.

We meet the competitive challenges of the future and create value, growth, and welfare as international agrifood consulting services.

Our deep expertise and broad experience in innovation & product development creates a strategic system and turn ideas into growth and welfare in the agribusiness and food industries.


That’s what Agrofood Consulting stands for!