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Beyond Consulting: A Partner in Agri-Food Industry Innovations and Value Chain Transformation

Excellence in Business Model Development that will Create, Deliver and Capture Value in Agriculture, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Healthcare Facilities and Equipment


  • Intensive experience in EU (IPA I & IPA II)/UNDP/ADB Aid Delivering Modalities and Procedures; TR/EU/ADB SMEs and Private Sector Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industries; Private Sector, SMEs and Start-ups Business Development, Operationalization, and Internationalization; Quality Assurance, R&D; Manufacturing Operations, New Product Development; Prototyping and Commercialization; Innovation and Marketing Strategy Implementation; Trade and Export Management; PRAG rules; Implementation of Digital Technologies and ICT Systems; Financial Control; Food & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations; Supply Chain and Value Chain Development (fruits, cereals, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, infant milk,etc.); TNAs and Skills Development; Rural Economic Development; EU B4Life, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Farm to Fork & Biodiversity Strategies; UN SDG 2030 Principles; Gender Equality; Women’s Economic Empowerment; EU Food Law; Health Facility & Equipment Design; EU Food Safety; Circular Economy; Infant Nutrition; Food, Pharmaceutical & Health Technologies; Engineering, Factory & Laboratory Startups; EC Quality Management Systems, ISO 17025; Microbial & Chemical Analyses (34);

  • Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Climate Change Scenario & Mitigation, Agroecology, CSA, Digital Agriculture, Agribusiness Development, Future Farming, Market Access, Implementation of the EU Food Quality and Safety and Risk Management Systems in Agrofood industry operations from the field to the fork; Tea Sector Policy Development (17);

  • Business & Technology Ideas, Concept Development, Supply/Demand Analysis, Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, R&D, GHP, GMP, GLP, CSA, GAP, IPM, Geographical Indications (GI), IPR, agri-food SME identification, partnerships, and smart specialization for domestic and international market access and agri-food exports and promotion (17);

  • Government relations; Start-up Facilitation and Knowledge Partnerships; Monitoring and Evaluation; Reporting (17);

  • Business startup and development for Hero Group/Switzerland in Turkey, Spain and CEEMENACIS markets (13);

  • Capacity Building, TNA, TVET, Training and Certification Programs and mentoring for Private Sector and SMEs (30)


  • A suite of new digital technologies, such as machine learning, IoT, NGS (next generation sequencing), optimisation, artificial intelligence, sensing, robotics, visualisation and distributed ledgers, are opening new opportunities for innovation in agriculture, food, health and pharmaceutical industries.

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