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We drive growth and transformation across the agrifood value chain. We create excellence in Climate-Smart Agriculture and Agrifood Project Management with a successful outcome through a structured process that includes Initiation and Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Closeout. Agrofood Consulting coordinate day-to-day agrifood project operations in order to ensure the timely provision of scheduled inputs and monitor their timely execution in line with the project work plan. We align government, the private sector and donors for a successful transformation in agrifood projects in complex or challenging environments.

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We help support agrifood business transformations by working alongside leaders in public, private, and social-sector organizations. We accelerate transformational impact through applying the best practices. We bring our expertise across the agrifood industry operations and food value chain to drive business performance and operational improvements and help clients build capabilities to achieve productivity, profitability, market access, growth, competitiveness, customer value, and sustainability. We have a pragmatic approach with an investor mindset to create sustainability in the agrifood industry.



Agrofood Consulting has a long experience and know-how in donor-funded agrifood project management and agrifood industry operations from field to the fork. We provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services to SMEs and private sector, Government and development agencies to create welfare and economic growth. We bring our scientific and practical expertise across the agrifood industry operations and food value chain to drive operational excellence to create help clients build capabilities to achieve food quality and safety, productivity, profitability, growth, market access, customer value, and sustainability.

We write Rationale and Strategy for your projects in Agri-Food Industry, Farm to Fork, Biodiversity, R&D, Innovation, Agroecology, Food Safety, QMS, Agrigenomics, Operations, Climate Change, Marketing, Capacity Building, Internationalization, EU Green Deal, UN SDGs. Make your Project Winner! Call us today.



Today family farmers produce 80 percent of the world's foods. We manage the agrifood development projects to help and support family farmers, SMEs and private sector to produce more clean, green and safe products. This will reduce greenhouse gases, protect biodiversity, improve soil quality and water resources and ensure food safety.

This photograph shows a farmer who milling his wheat to produce bread. He has a great commitment to make the best in his agribusiness and he is proud. 
We have conducted studies on food value chain development and market assessment for the agrifood industry in Tokat Province to achieve growth, profitability, and economic growth. In our TRAC project, we managed a 10 million euro investment project supported by European Union and established Turkey’s first Tea Research and Application Centre to help and support Turkish tea farmers, producers, and traders to achieve competitiveness and welfare. 

                                           CAPACITY BUILDING

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) policy design, coordination and supervising is a crucial factor in the climate-friendly agricultural productivity and growth, smallholder farmers’ welfare, gender equality and diversity, rural industrialization and capacity building and skills development.

We have designed and developed an action plan on Climate-Friendly Agriculture Policies and standards, and implemented Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in Turkey. We have focused on sustainable agriculture, organic farming, ecological concerns, HACCP, ISO, GAP auditing and certification, risk assessment, food safety, capacity building and training, seed and seedling, soil management, use of fertilizers, irrigation, pest and disease management, use of pesticides, harvesting and post-harvesting, whole supply chain process, traceability and quality assurance according to the EC standards. We have cooperated with the farmers, SMEs, Government organizations and public institutions. We have developed GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture) Capacity Building, Auditing, and Certification Programs and standards, and trained smallholder farmers, private sector representatives, SMEs and other stakeholders about farming in crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock, dairy and others to supply conventional and organic raw materials for infant food products in different provinces of Turkey. This quality assured value chain development process was successfully achieved and products were exported to Europe, MENA and CIS countries, according to the EC infant and baby food regulations and standards. This program was the first in the CEEMENA region (2002-2015 and contributed to the rural economic growth, welfare, gender equity and diversification, and conservation of the ecosystem and improvements in the greenhouse gas emissions. We have successfully designed and implemented a GAP and CSA Training and Certification program in Rize in 2017-2018.

Tea Industry Expertise (CSA, GAP, GMP) Certification Cer mony
Tea Expertise (CSA, GAP, GMP Certificati
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We create, develop and optimize sustainable agribusiness and food value chains. We strongly believe that climate-friendly agriculture that is environmental, economically and socially sustainable can only be created by developing sustainable agricultural and food supply chains that make a vital contribution in our response to the most urgent challenges: reducing poverty and ensuring food security.  

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We deliver targeted solutions to clients in all chains of the agri-food industry from field to the fork. AGROFOOD offers targeted agribusiness and food industry development solutions to public and private agri-food value chain clients. Our well-specialized and dedicated team of experts is committed to helping our clients that are Government organizations, SMEs, the private sector, farmers and others. We use advanced agribusiness and food industry techniques to create economic growth and value. Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening.  



Our expert's extensive experience, know-how, highly developed skill-set and diverse fields of expertise ensure clients get the productive, sustainable solutions and added value they need. We manage the agrifood supply chain process, analyze, optimize and secure the supply according to European Food Quality and Safety regulations and the client’s needs. Build profitable and sustainable agri-food chains and achieve high levels of economic and innovative performance 

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Our consultants are comprised of internationally qualified professionals from the agricultural, agribusiness and food industry sectors. Favors a dynamic, hands-on style of management and towards an approach, we endeavor to work onsite with clients wherever they are in the world. They create, develop and optimize, and sustainable agribusiness and food value chains.  

We engage with key stakeholders of the innovation and start-up ecosystem by organising start-up and innovation ecosystem events, produce communication and visibility materials and rewards for start-up competitions to design and develop new product ideas to be launched in the related region and/or country. We monitor and identify their weaknesses and strengths in R&D, technology, skills, finance, knowledge, networking and collaboration, smart specialisation, women participation and gender balance, marketing, visibility, IPR, international market access, competitors and long-term marketing and innovation activity plans to stimulate interaction, collaboration and cross-expertise between the potential R&D organisations. We also monitor the R&D financial support schemes and opportunities to develop partnerships between EU and/or other R&D institutions/programmes and the country's public and private R&D stakeholders and prepare the action plans for the new and innovative product design, development and commercialising to increase the competitiveness of the region's and/or country's innovation and start-up ecosystem to enter successfully to the international markets.
We increase the smart specialization and networking opportunities for start-ups, investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate networks, universities and media in pre-identified sectors to enhance innovation and new product development to create new jobs, economic growth, global investment and market access to the global markets.


  • Long and comprehensive experience in EU Aid Delivering Modalities and Procedures; EU SMEs & Private Sector Entrepreneurship, Start Up, Incubator/Accelerator Programmes, Operationalization, Development, Innovation and Marketing Strategy Development; Role Model Programmes, PRAG Rules, Innovation/Technology Center and Startup Ecosystem, PPP, and Competitiveness Management (16);

  • Agro-Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations, Factory Start up, Supply Chain, Quality, GMP, R&D, NPD, Innovation, Technology, Marketing, Rural Economic Development, and Agro-Food Value Chain Development from farm to the table and smart specialization (17);

  • European Food Safety Control Systems, Risk Management and Agro-Food Contaminants & Residue Analysis (16);

  • Food Analysis Laboratory, R&D and Innovation Center Startup & Management & ISO 17025 Accreditation (16);

  • Multi-Industry Technology (food and pharmaceutical industries), Digital Transformation, Engineering and Factory and Laboratory Startups (>17);

  • Domestic and international Government relations (17); Business Ideas, Concept Development, Marketing Strategy, Market Analysis, Rural Industrialization, Regional Development, Geographical Indications (GI) and IPR (17);

  • Monitoring and Evaluation (17); Biodiversity Conservation, Ecosystems, Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) & Future Farming (17 );

  • Infant Food Manufacturing Operations, Infant Nutrition, Breastfeeding Nutrition and Nutrition in Pregnancy (13);

  • Gender equality, inclusion and diversity (30);

  • Capacity Building, TNA, Training and Certification (30).


EU work practice: 16 years

Spain work practice: 160 weekdays

CEEMENACIS markets: 14 years

Years of Experience: 34 years


We create maximum value for your agrifood development projects and clients

SME & Private Sector Innovation & Competitiveness, 

Multi-Industry, Operations, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Ecosystems,

Agriculture/Food Value Chain Competitiveness, Innovation Management, 

R&D, Marketing Strategy, Capacity Building, TVET, Technology, 

Agribusiness Development, Rural Industrialization, Monitoring & Evaluation, 

Gov. Relations, Corporate Strategy, Development & Implementation

European Food Quality and Safety Systems, CSA, GAPs

Technical Offers & Methodology Services

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