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Yusuf Tokdemir is a Business Transformation, Value Chain Development, Innovation, New Product Development, Food Product Innovation, Shelf-Life Extension, Nutrition, Facility Construction and Operationalization, Operational Efficiency, Food Safety, Digital Transformation, Start-Up, International Marketing, Export, and Internationalization enthusiast, board advisor, trainer, conference speaker, entrepreneur, senior consultant and executive in Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industries.


Yusuf worked with UNDP, EU, ADB, APO and WB projects. He is also a senior Corporate Operations professional with a strong international profile and extensive experience in EU Green Deal, F2F, Biodiversity strategies; EU Food Law; UN SDGs; WTO SPS measures; manufacturing operations; food safety; R&D; marketing strategy; trade development; internationalization and sustainability.


Yusuf worked in leading Turkish, European and MEA’s companies for more than 30 years and has led strategic operations and internationalization processes for Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals (Turkey), Hero Group (Switzerland), La Poire Group (Egypt) and others.


Yusuf also led strategic projects in Turkey, PRC, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Russian Federation, Iraq, Lebanon and CEEMENACIS markets. Yusuf has Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert/AACSB Accredited) in Digital Marketing and various professional certifications in Value Chain Development, Future Farming, Climate Change, Health Systems, Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Strategic Management (Post MBA) and Digital Transformation from world’s top universities such as Imperial College Business School, Asian Institute of Management, University of Western Australia, University of Geneva and others.

My Key Areas of Expertise

  • Technical Assistance Projects and Corporate Project Management

  • New Enterprise Startup and Operationalization 

  • Operations Management, Identification of Gaps in Manufacturing, Technology, Supply Chain, QA, R&D, Products, Services, Marketing, Competitiveness, Personnel, Entire Value Chain and Internationalization

  • Competitive Analysis, Market Intelligence, Customer and Competitor Profiling, Demand Analysis

  • Food Product Innovation and Shelf-Life Extension Services

  • Design and Management of Technology and Operationalization (IQ/OQ/PQ)

  • Enterprise and Corporate Advisory, Coaching, Mentoring Training Services and Conference Speaking

  • Digital Transformation in Business Organizations

  • Management of Consumers’ Nutrition and Wellbeing to 2035

  • Organisational Management, Institutional Development & Multi-Industry Strategic Leadership

  • Agri-Food, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries Investment Project Preparation, Development & Implementation

  • Business Startup, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Internationalization and Transformation

  • Provision of Safe and Optimum Nutrition for Infants

  • Foods for Infants and Young Children: Manufacturing and Business Operations from Farm to Fork

  • EU Food Quality and Safety Management Systems from Farm to Fork and Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Solutions to Corporate Food Safety Problems (Chemical, Biological, Physical and Allergens)

  • R&D, Innovation Management, New Product Development, Product-Market Fit, Customer Experience

  • Product Safety, Market Systems Development and Internationalization Management

  • WTO Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures, IPM and Plant/Animal Health Management

  • Emerging Technologies & Best Practices in Agriculture and Food Industry

  • Facility Design, Construction, Machinery & Equipment Operationalization Project Management

  • Management and Implementation of EU Green Deal, CAP, Farm to Fork & Biodiversity Strategies, Fit for 55, Climate Adaptation Strategy, Green Business & UN SDGs

  • Corporate Carbon Footprint Services

  • Conducting Root Cause Analysis for Food Safety Failures & Solving Problems for Corporates and/or Enterprises from Farm to Fork

  • Food Systems Development and Implementation of Multi-Industry SMEs’ Development Strategy and Action Plans

  • Development of Food Safety Intelligence Platform by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Preparation of Project Rationale and Strategy Documents

  • Strategic Evaluation of Programs and Strategies and Design of Action Plans

  • Public & Private Sector Financial Management (PFM)

  • Public & Private Sector Procurement, Product Safety & Conformity Assessments

  • Public Private Partnerships, Resource Optimization and Investment Planning

  • Investment and Wealth Management Consulting and Advisory Services

Reach out to us! Every endeavor begins with a spark of inspiration. Let us know the challenge you're tackling, where you stand in your journey, where you are in the world and we'll promptly respond.

Yusuf Tokdemir
EU Project Training Certification
Infant Food Product Testing with Mothers
Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals
EU-TAF Project Lebanon
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