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  • Business Model Development that will create, deliver and capture value in growth, productivity, profitability, sustainability and internationalization in Agriculture, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare Facilities and Equipment.

  • Intensive experience in EU (IPA I & IPA II)/UNDP/ADB Aid Delivering Modalities and Procedures; TR/EU/ADB SMEs and Private Sector Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industries; Private Sector, SMEs and Start-ups Business Development, Operationalization, and Internationalization; Quality Assurance, R&D; Manufacturing Operations, New Product Development; Prototyping and Commercialization; Innovation and Marketing Strategy Implementation; Trade and Export Management; PRAG rules; Implementation of Digital Technologies and ICT Systems; Financial Control; Food & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations; Supply Chain and Value Chain Development (fruits, cereals, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, infant milk,etc.); TNAs and Skills Development; Rural Economic Development; EU B4Life, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Farm to Fork & Biodiversity Strategies; UN SDG 2030 Principles; Gender Equality; Women’s Economic Empowerment; EU Food Law; Health Facility & Equipment Design; EU Food Safety; Circular Economy; Infant Nutrition; Food, Pharmaceutical & Health Technologies; Engineering, Factory & Laboratory Startups; EC Quality Management Systems, ISO 17025; Microbial & Chemical Analyses (34);

  • Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Climate Change Scenario & Mitigation, Agroecology, CSA, Digital Agriculture, Agribusiness Development, Future Farming, Market Access, Implementation of the EU Food Quality and Safety and Risk Management Systems in Agrofood industry operations from the field to the fork; Tea Sector Policy Development (17);

  • Business & Technology Ideas, Concept Development, Supply/Demand Analysis, Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, R&D, GHP, GMP, GLP, CSA, GAP, IPM, Geographical Indications (GI), IPR, agri-food SME identification, partnerships, and smart specialization for domestic and international market access and agri-food exports and promotion (17);

  • Government relations; Start-up Facilitation and Knowledge Partnerships; Monitoring and Evaluation; Reporting (17);

  • Business startup and development for Hero Group/Switzerland in Turkey, Spain and CEEMENACIS markets (13);

  • Capacity Building, TNA, TVET, Training and Certification Programs and mentoring for Private Sector and SMEs (30)


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