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Create Sustainable Changes in Agribusiness Operations?

One of the pillars is to use CSA (Climate Smart Agriculture) practices and technologies. I have to say that farmers' priorities for the CSA are linked with prevailing climatic conditions of a particular location, socio-economic characteristics and willingness to pay for available CSA technologies. Of course, they will evaluate the potential benefits and costs of the CSA practices and technologies. Therefore, we have to consider and apply appropriate policies and programs that are site specific and relevant to the needs of the local farmers when we promote CSA practices and technologies.

The climate-friendly agricultural technologies, practices and services are the adaptation options and they sustainably increase agricultural productivity, enhance resilience to climatic stresses, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We have to consider many factors to achieve agricultural growth, productivity, ecosystem conservation, reducing carbon emission and increasing food quality and safety. This is a complex process and it needs great experience and know-how.

Now, let’s look at the options of the CSA management practices and/or technologies to be applied at farm-level:

· Smart water management

· Rainwater harvesting

· Smart drip irrigation

· Laser land levelling

· Furrow irrigated bed planting

· Drainage management

· Cover crops method

· Smart energy management

· Zero tillage/minimum tillage

· Smart nutrient management

· Site specific integrated nutrient management

· Green manuring

· Leaf color chart

· Intercropping with legumes

· Smart carbon management

· Agro forestry

· Concentrate feeding for livestock

· Hydroponic fodder

· Integrated pest management

· Smart whether management

· Climate smart housing for livestock

· Weather based crop agro-advisory

· Crop insurance

· Smart knowledge management

· Contingent crop planning

Did you design, develop and implement such drivers in your agribusiness operations? What are the results you achieved? Do yo need an Agribusiness Expert to develop and internationalize your agribusiness operations? Contact today.

Yusuf Tokdemir Protect biodiversity and ecosystem services!
Yusuf Tokdemir Senior Agriculture and Food Industry Expert

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