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How to Achieve a Strong Business Relationship in Food Value Chain Development?

In donor-funded agrifood projects, successful food value chain analysis and development is an essential factor for creating sustainability and economic growth for the entire population.

Building a collaborative business relationship is not easy and it takes effort and attention. If there are interpersonal problems, it may fail. I have to say that a successful value chain development requires good cooperation, trust, mutual respect, working together and knowing each other for the opportunities.

The question is how to achieve a strong business relationship in our business partners in food value chain development. The best answer is to build a strong business relationship on:

  1. Trust and credibility

  2. The balanced power structure and no dominant members

  3. Fair decision-making process

  4. Being interdependent

  5. Shared goals to achieve

  6. Commitments of time, effort and money from each partner

  7. problem-solving and conflict resolution process

  8. Equitable returns on their inputs and outcomes

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