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Food Safety Expertise

Today, food safety is a crucial factor in the global food supply system. This is our slogan: ”There is no Food Security without Food safety”.

World Health Organization defines that sufficient amount of safe and nutritious food

access is the key to maintain public health good. The food-borne risks and diseases at a global level are quite high and unacceptable in spite of all improvements in food safety in the agri-food chain in the recent years,

According to EFSA data, foodborne zoonotic diseases are very common in the European Union and they threat global public health. The most common diseases are caused by microorganisms such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, Yersinia, E. coli and Listeria. EFSA states that more than 350,000 people in the European Union are suffering from food-borne diseases every year.

Family agribusiness, Artvin, Turkey
Agribusiness development is a key factor to improve rural women entrepreneurship and gender equality.

Therefore, we design, execute and complete food safety projects worldwide. We improve human resources capacity and skills on food hygiene, traceability, animal health, plant health, integrated pest control, food quality risk factors and analysis, chemical and biological hazards, food-borne diseases, good production practices, good hygiene practices, good agricultural practices, research and development and new product development, geographical indications, technology and digital transformation, agribusiness development, marketing, EC food legislation, export, financing and incentives, risk analysis, networking and cooperation opportunities, rural women entrepreneurship and gender equality, healthy nutrition, food waste and loss, preservation of ecosystem services and biodiversity. We make TNAs and provide TVETs, training of the trainers and certification programs from the farm to the fork to ensure food quality and safety to develop agribusiness and SMEs according to the international standards (WHO/FAO) and European food law and principles.


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