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🌱How to Achieve Competitiveness in the Agrifood Industry?

Let's simplify the strategic approach. In today's rapidly changing business world, competitiveness in the agriculture and food enterprises depends on several key factors: competitive intelligence, food quality and safety, technological innovation, market expansion, talent development and so on. To success in this dynamic and complex environment, here are some essential priorities:

1. Increase Production: Meeting growing demand requires enhancing production capacities and operational efficiency.

2. Ensure Quality: Maintaining high standards of food quality and safety is essential to create consumer trust and loyalty.

3. Develop Skills: Investing in workforce development and upskilling is essential for staying ahead in a rapidly changing industry.

4. Drive Competitiveness: Embracing innovation and adopting best practices are essential for staying competitive in the global market.

5. Expand Markets and Foster Customer Loyalty: Diversifying into new markets while improving existing customer relationships is key to sustained growth and internationalization. 

6. Foster Collaboration and Networking: Building strategic partnerships and collaborating across the value chain can unlock new opportunities and drive innovation.

7. Launch New Products: Innovating and introducing new products that ensure to evolving consumer preferences is essential for staying relevant in the market.

8. Leverage New Technology: Embracing emerging technologies, such as AI, ML and digitalization, can streamline operations and drive efficiency gains.

9. Apply Digital Marketing: Design, develop and implement digital marketing strategies and action plans in internationalization.

By prioritizing these key areas, agribusinesses and food industry players can position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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Yusuf Tokdemir, Tekmezar, Savsat, Artvin, May 2023


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