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How to Create an Agribusiness that is Strong, Innovative and Sustainable?

Do you have challenges in the agribusiness industry and agricultural value chain development? In this context, we have to develop and implement new strategies, business models, operational capabilities and practices to respond to emerging trends in agribusiness and agricultural value chains to ensure food security and safety, growth, productivity and sustainability in the agrifood industry in alignment with the 2050’s circular and carbon neutral economy targets. We have to keep in mind that today agriculture occupies nearly 40% of the earth’s surface, crop irrigation accounts for 70% of global water use and agriculture contributes 11% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. For these reasons, we have to focus on the following agribusiness value drivers: 1. RECOVER from the impacts of climate change and challenges of the feeding a growing population, providing a livelihood for farmers, and protecting the environment through implementation of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies to produce clean, green and safe products. 2. GROW the value and output of agriculture through increased R&D, innovation, NPD, skills investment, diversified product portfolio, funding sources, internationalization and exports. 3. MODERNISE agriculture through innovation, future farming, advanced technologies and Agtech, and future skills. 4. APPLY gender-smart solutions and empower women farmers. 5. PROTECT and enhance the future of agriculture by ensuring it is well-placed to respond to climate change, droughts, pests, weeds, disease and increased resource scarcity. 6. ENSURE conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 7. IMPROVE quality, safety and traceability. 8. APPLY long-term marketing and innovation strategy, promote and build confidence in agriculture sector in internationalization. 9. CREATE strategic domestic and international alliances. 10. GENERATE an image of transparency, trust and credibility. 11. APPLY commercialization strategies to facilitate market access for agricultural producers. 12. INTERNATIONALIZE agricultural operations in alignment with the internationally recognized regulations and GMPs, GAPs and other relevant best practices. How is your experience on these agribusiness value chain drivers? Do you need a consulting support?

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