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How to Create an Agriculture Sector that is Strong, Innovative and Sustainable?

1. RECOVER from the impacts of climate change and coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and apply Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies to produce clean, green and safe products.

2. GROW the value and output of agriculture through increased R&D, NPD, investment, diversified product portfolio, internationalization and exports.

3. MODERNISE agriculture through innovation, future farming, technology investment, Agtech, and future skills.

4. PROTECT and enhance the future of agriculture by ensuring it is well-placed to respond to climate change, droughts, pests, weeds, disease and increased resource scarcity.

5. ENSURE conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

6. IMPROVE quality and traceability

7. APPLY long-term marketing and innovation strategy and promote and build confidence in agriculture sector in internationalization

8. CREATE strategic domestic and international alliances

Karagöl Sahara National Park Şavşat


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