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How to Ensure Food Safety?

Effective food safety management is a crucial parameter for a good leader. When we have started infant food production in Turkey, we have designed, developed and implemented an excellent risk management and food safety system from the fork to the table. Of course, we have collaborated with Goverment agencies, private sector, SMEs, farmers and our stakeholders in export markets. We have achieved full traceability and produced a diversified baby food portfolio according to the EU regulations. Therefore, we didn’t face any failure in our state of the art factories and in the markets including TRCEEMENA countries. We have worked with the best laboratories in Turkey, Spain and Italy (Neotron, Ecosur, LQM etc.). We are proud with this experience, know-how and achievement! Now we are transferring this excellent know-how to the agrifood development projects.

Food safety from field to the fork!

Clearly, I have to define that the main purpose of the food safety system is to protect and improve public health by ensuring that foods meet science­ based safety standards through the integrated activities of the public and private sectors. In summary, we have to apply:

1. Excellent communication and cooperation between food drivers;

2. Targeted quality assurance and R&D to reduce the food-borne illness in the whole supply chain from farm to plate;

3. Driving new product development, growth and innovation in the agriculture and food industries;

4. Effective regulatory compliance and offering healthier choices in nutritional labeling;

5. Effective capacity building and training development programme for supply chain, quality, risks, R&D, marketing and innovation, regulations, trade, exports, leadership and investment including agrifood industry including SMEs and private sector;

6. Effective allergen, contaminant and residue management;

7. Managing emergency outbreaks and food incidents;

8. Increased awareness of food safety among consumers and food industry drivers.

Food safety from field to the fork


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