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How to Increase Competitiveness in Agri-Food Industry?

Today agrofood industry is an important component of an economy. If this industry has competitiveness in global markets, it will create welfare for the related society.

Do you have an innovation action plan to develop the agriculture, food and beverage processing and trading sectors in your local agri-food sector? I have to say that such a competitiveness strategy program should pinpoint the sector’s areas of competitive advantage, identify opportunities to grow the agri-food business by highlighting key growth areas and three-year strategic innovation action plan.

Agrifood industry creates economic growth, welfare and food security for the society.

The best way is to analyze the sector issues and develop and implement a competitiveness strategy program to create more and more reconfigurations and transient competitive advantages within the agri-food sector in the next years to create growth, profitability, customer loyalty and economic welfare in the agri-food industry.

Today, we are living in a hypercompetitive, uncertain and complex business world. The globalization, urbanization, new technologies, new services, new products, increasing mass production, increasing world population and changing human needs require a new innovative and agile approach to create productivity, growth, international market access, customer loyalty and welfare for the society.

We are entering into the Fourth Industrial Revolution period. It is characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds. All of these impact all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human.

I know that strengthening the agriculture, food and beverages’ value chain is important to understand what products, technologies, skills and services are needed for future productivity and economic growth of the agri-food industry. Competitiveness is especially vital or important for SMEs during the global and domestic economic transformation process.

Please note that competitive products, services and skills play a top priority through increasing economic competitiveness and building a larger and more export-driven private sector.

Agrifood Research and Innovation Center Works should be commercialized!

I have to define that we, as agrofood consultants, design, develop and implement a long-term innovation action program in the donor-funded projects. We designed, developed and performed successfully between 2002-2015 years in Turkey.

Rize Tea Research and Application Centre for Turkish Tea Industry Competitiveness!

My advice is to establish an Agro-Food Innovation Centre that will promote the activities for R&D and innovation management, funding, training, marketing and technology investment to achieve growth and competitiveness in the domestic and international markets. This center must focus on:

1. Increasing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship capability of Agro-Food Sector in Province

2. Increasing marketing and brand promotion activities and visibility in the domestic and international markets

3. Improving human resources and skills

4. Providing financial funding and increasing investment

5. Fostering new technologies and increasing investment

6. Creating effective networking and collaborations

7. Running permanent promotional campaigns

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