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How to manage your KPIs?

Real-time information is required to drive the productivity and perform a truly effective Visual Management to achieve a high performance manufacturing organization in the agrifood and/or pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore, many companies are using new technologies to monitor their production operations to prevent losses due to Hidden Factory and drive productivity and improvements in costs, wastes, quality, people’s performance and profitability.

When you measure KPIs and productivity metrics, you have to consider and focus on specific factors affecting operational KPIs to achieve key business goals and objectives and stay competitive. These factors are:

1. The capability of real time information capturing and data collection;

2. Working with the right skills and regular training;

3. Quality of the machines and equipment;

4. Input materials and quality;

5. Time;

6. Floor area or space;

7. Power or energy;

7. Finance;

8. Movement of man and materials;

9. Production plan and forecast;

10. Measuring system for KPIs;

11. Right and valid data;

12. Leadership support;

13. Market.


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