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Impact of Human Factors in Food Safety Management Systems

I know that people’s experience, knowledge and skills are crucial factors in the food safety management system effectiveness. You have to work with the competent people. In this sense, top management support and prioritization about the identification of the risks, making laboratory tests and taking preventive measures will add value added impact on the safety, traceability, and transparency. You have to design and develop a food safety risk management system from the farm to the fork. You have to create a clear job description and there should be an alignment between their responsibility and their authority. You have to protect the staff who report the non-compliance. Of course, you have to provide necessary resources, including infrastructure, laboratory equipment, supplies and consumables, clear procedures and training and apply cGMPs so that you can get the right information with the right results on time with high confidence.

A fear or cost saving culture may create failures in today’s internet world. Do you have food safety gaps/issues from the farm to the fork? How is your experience?


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