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Increase agri-food industry growth and internationalization?

You can recover from the impacts of business uncertainty and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and become an engine of growth in the agri-food industry.

1. Modernise your agri-food industry from farm to fork through innovation, investment and building future skills

2. Innovate and invest in technology, science and skills to deliver higher quality products to consumers with less environmental impact and greater profitability

3. Invest in agricultural research and innovation to benefit farmers, producers, SMES and exporters with advanced capability in genomics and cellular sciences; microbial sciences; pests; weeds and diseases; plant production sciences; animal production sciences; agriculture resources sciences; and biodiversity and ecosystem services

4. Invest and grow a thriving and globally competitive AgTech industry that can sense, analyse and automate to increase farm performance in the efficiency, sustainability and productivity

5. Promote and build confidence in your agri-food industry to international markets and the community.

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