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We identify the sectors that affect rural industrialization, R&D, technology, start-ups, innovation ecosystem, and the food quality and safety, R&D, smallholder farming, healthy nutrition, ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, climate change, reducing the greenhouse gases, environmental protection, rights-based approach, persons with disability, indigenous people and gender equality to promote the cross-cutting objectives of the European Community.

  1. We increase the smart specialization and networking opportunities for start-ups, investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate networks, universities and media in pre-identified sectors to enhance innovation and new product development to create new jobs, economic growth, global investment and market access to the global markets;

  2. We complement the entrepreneurship ecosystem’s interactions that are mostly characterized by informality through a formalization and coordination of interactions to drive the entrepreneurship ecosystem;

  3. We foster SME competitiveness through trade, paying particular attention to helping the micro and informal sectors access to international markets and for whom access to capital and markets would be of the essence;

  4. We formulate a clear and practical roadmap for implementation of the Export Strategy that is supported by the Government and other international organizations for providing data and trade and market intelligence to identify export potential and which sectors to invest in achieving the export objectives;

  5. We invest in skills building through training programmes and offering certification to help people adapt to transformations driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution;

  6. We create strong emphasis on women entrepreneurship, helping women entrepreneurs in mentoring, coaching, networking and financing and also encouraging their participation in the country's economy;

  7. We equip with the right funding and appropriate investment tools and support to the diversification through the expansion of the selected industries.

  8. We monitor the R&D financial support schemes and opportunities to develop partnerships between R&D institutions/programmes and public and private R&D stakeholders and prepare the action plans for the new and innovative product design, development and commercialising to increase the competitiveness of the country's innovation and start-up ecosystem to enter successfully to the international markets.

We are specialized in design, development and implementation of the Innovation and Start-up/Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and achieve competitiveness and local economic development.
R&D, Innovation and Start-up Ecosystem


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