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Key Strategies for Keeping Plants Health

🌿🔍 Did you know that up to 40 percent of global crop production is lost annually due to plant pests and diseases, costing the global economy over USD 220 billion (U.N. FAO)? The impact of invasive insects alone amounts to at least USD 70 billion. This shows the critical need for effective plant health management strategies.

Do you have an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) or Integrated Plant Health Management (IPHM) strategy in place? These approaches not only enhance plant health but also contribute to consumers' well-being, environmental sustainability, trade development, and global market access.

Our goals are clear:

✅ Minimize the impact of plant pests and pathogens.

✅ Enhance overall plant health.

✅ Increase agricultural productivity.

✅ Minimize losses for farmers.

✅ Safeguard livelihoods.

✅ Preserve biodiversity and ecosystem services.

✅ Support agricultural industries and trade development.

Implementing an IPHM program aligned with EU regulations, IPPC standards, and EPPO guidelines is crucial. Additionally, considering WTO SPS measures and MRLs in trade development is essential for global market access.

Here are some best practices to consider:

🌿 Use genetically resistant plants to minimize damage.

🌿 Implement horticultural best practices such as proper tillage, water management, and crop rotation.

🌿 Employ pesticides judiciously to control pests and diseases.

🌿 Utilize biological control methods with beneficial organisms.

🌿 Implement quarantines and pest eradication programs.

Horticultural and agricultural enterprises must develop and implement robust plant health management strategies to ensure the consumer well-being, brand loyalty and international market access in today’s digitalized business world.

Facing challenges in plant health management and integrated pest management? Let's connect and collaborate on solutions to ensure healthy and sustainable plant management.

Integrated plant health management is a key driver for food security.
Plant Health


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