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We Participate in Biodiversity Conservation!

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Do you want to live in a clean, green, safe and welfare environment? Surely, your answer will be 'yes'. We prefer clean, green, safe and nutritive food products. All are good concepts. In reality, how is the situation for biodiversity? It is estimated that there are 13.6 million species of plants, animals, and micro-organisms on earth. We have a special responsibility for biodiversity conservation and management. We have to keep in mind that biodiversity is a crucial factor in human survival and the sustainable production of food and other agricultural products.

Biodiversity is essential to:

1. Ensure the production of clean, green and safe food and agricultural raw materials,

2. Maintain ecosystem and performs water and soil conservation,

3. Reduce CO2 and greenhouse gases,

4. Increase soil productivity,

5. Allow controlling the climate change,

6. Sustain rural peoples' livelihoods,

7. Create economic growth and prevents poverty.

Agrofood Consulting experts design, develop, complete and deliver agribusiness development projects through considering clean and green policies to protect the biodiversity.

Karagöl Ecosystem, Şavşat, Turkey

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