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Proposal Preparation

We have services for drafting Project Rationale and Strategy sections.

We design, develop, write and draft of the sections of the technical of the technical part of the tender, namely Rationale, and Strategy.

We focus on the Agriculture, Agriculture and Food Industry, Farm to Fork, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Agribusiness, Agroecology, Organic Farming, Agri-food Supply Chain, Food Technology and Processing, Food Quality and Safety, Agri-Food Industry Marketing and Innovation and Competitiveness, Local Economic Development, Food Waste and Loss, Climate Smart Agriculture, European Union (EU) Food Law, EU Food Safety, Agri-Food Industry Innovation Management and New Product Development, Research and Development, Climate Smart Agriculture, Future Farming (Livestock, Poultry, Fishing, Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits, Crops, etc.), Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Agri-Food Digital Transformation, Agrigenomics, GMP, GHP, HACCP, GLP, Contaminants and Residues Management, Risks and Crisis Management, Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship, Rural Woman Empowerment, and other relevant areas.

We have drafted a technical proposal (Rationale and Strategy Sections) and it was the winner in an EU tender "Technical Assistance for Agrigenomics Hub-Animal and Plant Genomics Research Innovation Center".

Our core success elements to create a winning methodology:

  1. Excellence: Why do I want to conduct this project? What are my objectives? What is the basis?

  2. Impact: What will be the benefits during this project and beyond?

  3. Implementation: How will I conduct this project?

In this context, if you would like to work with a winning methodology drafting service, please contact with us. We have to make a Contract Agreement for Provision of Services.

Value your time today!


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