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I believe that agriculture and food industry are vital contributors to the economic growth. Therefore, we have to develop Sustainable Food Value Chains (SFVCs).

We have to keep in mind that the climate change mitigation and adaptation, advanced technology investment, agrigenomics, design and prototyping, conservation of biodiversity, agroecology, improving access to finance, ensuring food quality and safety, smart specialization and cluster internationalization, capacity building, market intelligence, promoting access to distribution channels and markets, and global innovation networking and collaboration for the agri-food industry development are the most important pillars now impacting the agri-food industry more than ever before.

In this context, we have to design, develop and implement a Food Value Chain (FVC) development concept, medium-to long-term vision, strategy, roadmap, activity plan and integrate these to our Global Value Chain (GVC) strategy at the firm level and at the country level with the activities across the geographies through fostering the engagement of the agri-food industry growth drivers.


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