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Ten Pillars of Agribusiness Development

1. Connect smallholders and businesses to improve access to domestic and international markets

2. Secure long-term, cost-effective and reliable supply and management of commodities

3. Design, develop and implement policies and actions on technological advances (include ICT, agrigenomics, energy access, infrastructure, etc.) and changing needs of the society through regarding uncertainties and promoting an entrepreneurial society

4. Decide where to play along the agrifood value chain to create value for the final consumer

5. Establish organizational agility and ensure alignment of the projects and programmes to the business development

6. Diversify products and/or services along agrifood value chains, and/or specialize in certain products and/or services

7. Develop and implement future business scenario and adjust regularly

8. Develop knowledge and skills, and build organizational and operational capabilities and partnerships to ensure growth, competitiveness and internationalization

9. Apply advanced farm to fork and biodiversity strategies to create a well-balanced nature, food systems and biodiversity

10. Promote effective and innovative financing mechanisms


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