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Transforming Agri-Food Value Chains!

In my extensive experience within the agrifood industry, I've witnessed the challenges faced by agribusinesses and food SMEs in developing countries.

As they strive to navigate the global market, competition continues to intensify. However, there are fundamental strategies that can propel them into the international arena and foster business growth.

1. Ensuring Food Quality and Safety: Establish food safety management system. Ensure product quality and safety along the value chain. Meet international standards. Test, test & test!

2. Create Skilled Labor and Effective Leadership: Invest in organizational capacity and skills development. Create a well-trained workforce and capable leadership. Ensure adaptability and competence.

3. Networking & Access to Finance: Focus on the networking, partnerships and financial sourcing. Realize investment plans to scale operations. Enhance innovation, expansion, and agility in the global markets.

4. Leverage Advanced Technologies: Stay updated with the latest technologies, including "Automation & AI", "Cloud & Mobile", "IoT", "FinTech & Blockchain" and Data Analytics. Embrace technology to streamline processes and stay ahead of the curve. Ensure efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.

5. Optimizing Production Costs: Produce at a low cost without compromising quality. Create competitive advantage in the market.

In today's fast-evolving landscape, maintaining and expanding international market shares in agriculture and the food industry requires effective food systems. This involves compliance with food safety regulations, offering top-tier services and trade procedures, and innovating in response to the dynamic preferences of the modern consumer, who values health and diversity in agri-food products.

EU-TAF Project. Visit to Darmmess. Producer of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Souri Olives in Dier Mimas, Southern Lebanon.

Have questions or insights to share about agrifood value chain transformation? Let's discuss and work towards creating a productive, competitive, sustainable, and internationalized agrifood enterprise!

Protect Biodiversity & Ecosystem services!


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