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Trends and Challenges in Agro-Food Value Chain

We have to keep in mind that effective agro-food value chain analysis, development and creating competitiveness is an essential factor to ensure food security, growth, and welfare. It requires an intensive practical and educational experience in agro-food sector value chain development.

Grape value chain analysis, development and competitiveness is a crucial parameter in rural development.

There are significant changes in the agro-food sector over the last few decades. Let’s look at these:

1. Globalization: Decreasing transportation and transaction costs and gains in trade liberalization;

2. Structural changes in farms and retails: Decreasing in numbers and growing as large firms;

3. Changes in consumer preferences: The consumers are the main drivers of the development of the agro-food value chain. They are interested in price, high quality, diversified and healthy food;

Creating excellence in international infant food value chain development from the field to the table and teamwork

4. Environmental awareness: Consumer awareness is increasing on the environmental effect of agro-food value chain due to the green-house emission and resource and biodiversity conservation;

5. New biotechnologies;

6. Advances in information and communication technologies (ICT);

7. Demographic and labor supply changes;

8. New regulations.

Digital transformation is being an important factor in agricultural productivity.


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